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simple living for a sustainable future  
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Our monthly announcement for May 2014 is online!

A large, vibrant community of people in Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington D.C. is on a journey to live more lightly.

In a discussion circle you will enjoy the unique experience of having deep conversations with 8-12 adults for a predetermined number of meetings.

Learn more about discussion guides you can use to jump start these deep conversations.

Our monthly forums in Bethesda, Towson, and Columbia focus on living more lightly.

Check out our monthly announcement, which lists local events of interest to our community as well as potential discussion circles in our region. Sign up for the monthly announcement by emailing Lore at

Our lively online conversations will keep you connected when you don't have time to be in a circle or attend our forums.

We also offer a video lending library, which enables you to enjoy a different way to start deep conversations with others. Invite a group to watch a video at your home!

Finally, you can volunteer to help others embark on their journeys.

Let's ease our journeys, by whatever paths we have each chosen to take, by helping each other to live more simply for a sustainable future for Earth and all its inhabitants.


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New Discussion Guides!

Forthcoming, April 2013: Revised Menu for the Future

Just published, September 2012: Revised Choices for Sustainable Living

Cover Choices Sustainable Living

Powering a Bright Future (published April 2012)

Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability (published October 2011)

Revised edition of Voluntary Simplicity (published 2011), which includes a revised version of SMEI's Simple Living Wheel!

1-session discussion guide: Just Below the Surface: Perspectives on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Visit NWEI's Earth Matters blog

Articles featuring members of our community:

~ Jennifer Robinson's Resiliency Circle in Greenbelt, YES Magazine
~ Kitchen Environmental, featuring Polly Bart
~ Not Buying for a Year, featuring Jim Dieter and Helene Shore of Vienna, VA (PDF, 92 KB)
~ Reducing your Kitchen 'Cookprint', featuring Lore Rosenthal (PDF, 31 KB)

Published about or by members of our community:

~ Is Economics a Green Issue?, by Susan Belchamber
~ Green Companies Save Money and Help the Planet with a Triple Bottom Line Approach, by Jeff Blankman
~ Eco-Friendly Renovations, by Polly Bart

If you want to start a circle check out our circle starter page


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World of Health cover

A World of Health: Reconnecting People, Place and Planet (September 2010)

Reconnecting with Earth

Reconnecting with Earth (October 2009, was Exploring Deep Ecology)