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monthly forums: baltimore green forum

Sunday, May 18, 2014. Special Event from 4:00-5:30 PM; Optional Roundtable Discussion 5:45-6:30 PM. (Fourth Sunday of the month)

Experiencing and Learning about a Support Group for Change Agents, with Sam Hopkins

This event is for all who feel frustration about the lack of progress in preserving biodiversity, protecting the environment and making our civilization more sustainable.

A support group is a proven method for helping people feel better in the face of many kinds of challenges. Sam Hopkins will "facilitate" this event. He has had several years of experience as a facilitator. After a brief explanation for all attendees, you will be offered to chance to participate. You will feel free to voice feelings that you may have only rarely or never shared about the environmental movement, peak oil, climate change, etc. Confidentiality will be promised and agreed to by all attendees. No criticism of any such feelings, beliefs, etc. will be allowed.

This group exercise is for "support!" Each of the attendees will be offered in turn a chance to share. But no one will be required to speak, if they do not wish to. And the facilitator will prevent any one participant from using too big a part of the time available. The facilitator will also quash any criticism and unhelpful "cross talk." Asking questions for clarification, however, can be helpful. The benefits come from listening, as well as speaking. For example, it is often very helpful to discover that more people share some of your unspoken feelings than you ever would have imagined.

During the optional roundtable discussion period from 5:30 - 6:30 pm, you will have an opportunity to give your feedback on how useful you found the support group experience and, if you are interested, plan for another one.

CCAN uses grassroots action to call for the changes we need at the local, state, and national levels. Megan will give an update about the critical climate and energy campaigns happening now: both to pass bills in the General Assembly and to stop big polluters, like the proposed fracked gas export plant at Cove Point. She'll also lead a discussion about the environmental movement's views on putting a price on carbon as an important piece of the climate solution puzzle.

For updated program info, visit our Facebook page, visit, or contact, or Sam Hopkins, 410-554-0006.

Where: MD Presbyterian Church, 1105 Providence Road, Towson, 21286. Directions

BGF is open to the public and is free of charge, but donations to Maryland Presbyterian Church are greatly appreciated. For questions, to co-sponsor, or to RSVP, contact or 301-345-2234.

Potential Affinity Groups:

  1. Food (composting, gardening, Permaculture)
  2. Energy & carbon (clean energy, climate change abatement, adaptation strategies)
  3. Ecosystems (backyard/neighborhood greening, wildlife corridors, watersheds)
  4. Social systems (community, government, law and order)
  5. Public health (health care, pollution remediation, environmental justice)
  6. Self (spirituality, transcendence, family, relationships, personal growth)
  7. Economics (green business, jobs, currencies, Main Streets)
  8. Transportation (pedestrian, public transit, automobiles, freight)
  9. Buildings (green homes, offices and neighborhoods)
  10. Education (children and adult learning and environmental literacy)
  11. Waste reduction (mined natural materials)
  12. Communication (reframing the stories of our times)

Please join us to make new connections and catch up with good friends.

Purpose of the Baltimore Green Forum: To improve the quality of all life in the greater Baltimore area, via a monthly gathering to:

  • Discern the progress towards regional sustainability that has already been achieved,
  • Discover the connections amidst the chaos of the movement and build a community of like-minded individuals, and
  • Do take appropriate action to address the challenges we face together.


The Baltimore Green Forum consists of a 90-minute presentation followed by optional break-outs into Affinity Groups (see list to the left). As always, there will be time for announcements and networking.


What part of the puzzle will YOU bring to the next forum?

The Baltimore Green Forum is Co-sponsored by Simplicity Matters Earth Institute, Transition Baltimore, Network of Spiritual Progressives in MD, Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network, Baltimore Climate Action Network, Maryland League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, Inc., Parks & People, Greater Baltimore Group of the Sierra Club, Heathcote Community, Creation Care Group of the Presbytery of Baltimore, and Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance